After tons of engagement on our last post on 7 helpful social media tactics for small business, and interesting 2019 new stats about social media platforms and users, it is becoming more obvious that marketers need to leverage the statistics behind social networks to develop water-tight strategy, optimize spend, and focus on user targeting.

A recent publication by www.wizcase.comshows how Internet usage is increasing globally. The veracity that your target audience are spending a large portion of their day engaging with the ever expanding, ever more dynamic world wide web, connecting with friends, family and the world at large is quite interesting. Let’s take a peek at internet usage from 2009 to 2019, North America increased by 219% in internet usage, Oceania 273%, Europe 570%, Asia 1670%, Latin America/ Caribbean 3,218%, Middle East 4893%, and Africa 9,941%.

In the past 18 years, Africa has seen a remarkable increase of almost 10,000%, primarily due to early adoption. Now, let’s put this in perspective, as of January 2019, the world’s population is 7.7billion, and the internet has 4.2 billion users. What this means is, whether a small business or a big brand, from the corner of your room, you have access to a market of about 4.2 billion people. 3.397 billion of them are active on social media.

According to brandwatch the average time spent on social media daily is 116 minutes, Facebook has 2.271 billion users, Google+: 111 million users, Instagram: 1bn users, LinkedIn: 562 million users, Pinterest: 200 million users, Twitter: 326 million users, WhatsApp: 900 million users, and YouTube 1.5 billion users. There in lies the opportunity to improve your brand awareness, reach, engagement and ultimately grow your business. (Least I forget, any business can thrive via social media and the internet.)

That reminds me, I needed a service few years ago but didn’t know where nor how to get it. Then, my friend walked into the room, and said to me “Google it”. I was able to find the nearest vendor for that service in less than 10 minutes, and also compared prices (lol). Now we can all see the effect, with about 90.61% of internet users using Google as their search engine of choice. The question to ponder on is – “will they find you there if they require your service or product?”

Google processes 100 billion searches a month, 91.47% of all internet searches are carried out by Google, and 60% of Google’s searches come from mobile devices. As a marketer, for you to fully understand how to leverage the power of social media and the internet for your business, I recommend that you check out the following tactics to help your brand reach its target audience, improve conversions, connect with and educate your leads and customers.

Finally, aim to deliver quality content that provide value for everyone who visits your website, social media, and other communication channels. This tactic will help you attract, engage, and delight customers and prospects; and ultimately drive conversions, bring more traffic to your site, build brand awareness, educate your customers, build credibility and authority.

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