At SME Business Clinic, we help you improve the health and success of your business. We provide entrepreneurs and SMEs with access to modern, smart and cost effective professional services that improve sales and minimize losses.

From identification of business ideas, startup funding, market entry, business operations and management, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Our consulting sessions will help you to understand your market and survey potential customers. Whether you are looking for a specific service to improve your business or an opportunity to discuss a business idea, the SME Business Clinic is here for you.

Group Session involves four to ten clients with one or two of our experienced professional consultants. Our group session is FREE and offers you the opportunity to discuss your SME challenges, seek support/advise and encourage interpersonal interaction with other group participants.

Private Session is a one-on-one FEE Paying session with the “Doctor”. It offers intuitive pointers to client’s inquiry, business ideas, customer journey mapping, startup funding, brand strategy, market entry, business operations and management, etc.

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