A company’s logo is not just a visual mark but an important carrier of information that an organization wants to convey to its stakeholders.

A brand on the other hand is not merely its name or logo, but an entire ecosystem composed of products, communications and touch-points. By using a rich visual language, a brand can directly and subliminally communicate a company’s values and strengthen the customers’ associations with the company.

At Shared Insights, we specialize in transferring the organization’s essence into its unique visual identity.

The team at Shared Insights believes that packaging design and product display build brand value in the mind of target audience and all publics. We implement packaging design and product display to communicate brand and product value in meaningful, memorable, and eye-catching ways. From package design and line extension to box packaging design, structure design, and the consumer out-of-box experience, we create packaging that differentiates, educates, and excites.

From elegant product display at showrooms and offices to packaging design for food and beverage, apparels and more, we develop products that stand out, both functionally and aesthetically… to deliver strong appeal, unique user experience and increased market share.

Your business print design needs to reflect on both traditional media, as well as online and digital platforms. From ready-to-print business cards to Branded letterhead design, we do it all. Our expertise ensures your presence will have the same quality and impact. This means you can reinforce the Brand Identity wherever your customers find you, through:

  • Strategic Storytelling
  • Simple, Effective Layout
  • User-Friendly Copy
  • Core Messaging

Business Card Design & Printing

Your business card connects you to customers at face to face meetings and should be the best possible representation of your corporate image. It is essential to invest in professional business cards, so your handshakes will be followed by an exchange of business card that leaves your contacts with a good and memorable feeling about your company.

We also design your business card as a powerful promotional tool.

Whether you want the glossy style or luxurious letterpress, we will work with you to design a business card which is both within budget and meets international standards

Office Stationery

We offer a range of custom stationery design services to suit your requirements. We have a clear understanding of techniques and paper stock, as we are specialists in design for print.

Our custom business stationery design and print services can be included in a full brand identity package along with a logo design. Or designed separately if you have a pre-existing logo and brand in place.

Brochure Design & Printing

Shared Insights can work with you to create and print all your business literature. From company brochure design to product catalogues, product and service manuals, and corporate newsletters. It is crucial that your brand shines consistently through all business literature.

Brochure layout design is an important aspect of business marketing. The more people you reach, the better the chance of gaining new clients through your brochure. A well-designed brochure layout can convince a potential client that your company is the right choice.

Shared Insights can help you build trust through informative and friendly copywriting. Laid out amongst imagery and in a format that is easy to digest.

At Shared Insights, we recognise that brand owners are interested in the flexibility with which their products and services are presented and promoted across multiple platforms. This is because social media and digital technology have transformed the way we see the world.

Video production and promotion has become one of the most effective and reliable methods to build your brand through effective interaction with your audience, gain a wider reach and get a better feedback. It is cost-efficient when compared to other marketing channels with the same effectiveness. The use of modern production tools ensures that video output are crisp with digital quality sound, shareable and easily modified.

Our approach to video production is to first understand your brand story. We take notes and ask a lot of questions to enable us craft a concise, memorable, and effective message. Thereafter, we begin the process of creating a compelling and engaging script for the video, including narratives and storylines associated with an interview-style video.

Once you approve the script, we create moodboards, storyboards, and motion samples that set the tone, mood, and style for your video. Next, the video is shot (if required, we develop motion animation design), editing takes place, sound effects are added and music is layered in. At this point your video production is complete and ready to be shared with the world through our video SEO strategies.

If you want your brand to set itself apart and want to work with a talented, enthusiastic team looking to deliver quality video messages to your audience, let Shared Insights Productions partner with you and show you off to the world.


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