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Bring Your Brand to life with corporate promotional Items

I guess you like receiving promotional items as I do. Everybody loves to receive free gifts especially when it is unexpected. So what are Corporate promotional items and why the need for them?

Corporate promotional items which is one of the ways of showing your business to the world are any tangible product that has the logo, name and contact information of your company intended solely for promotional purposes and given freely without condition of purchase.

They are usually given away to promote a company and its brand.  Wait a moment, look around you. It is possible that you have a promotional item from a company – a pen, notepad, calendar, carrier bag etc. Each one of these gift items has a purpose – to own its share of real estate in your mind and perhaps serve as a constant reminder of certain problems that could be solved by the company or product whose name or image is borne by that item.

Corporate promotional items is a concept that has been around for many years. It is a low-cost marketing tactic to create awareness and promote brand recognition. Its influence remains notable and unique because it attracts significant benefits to brands and organisations be it start- up or big players.

Every business has competitors and for it to gain an edge over its competitors, it must make a good impression on people and there is no business that does not want to have a good lasting relationships with its clients as this would reflect on return on investment in the long run. One of the ways to achieve this is through giveaway promotional items to existing and prospective clients as well as employees.

Corporate promotional items are valuable and effective marketing tools. They are used by organisations to express appreciation to customers and prospects for associating with the brand. At a subliminal level, they help motivate audiences to make informed decisions about a product or service.

Promotional items such as branded pen, notepad, calendar, tea or coffee mug, carrier bags, dairy, clock etc… are examples of powerful marketing tools for a brand, company and an event. However, we often forget or underrate their role in providing long term interaction with clients. No matter your business, it is important to incorporate promotional items into your marketing strategy.

Corporate promotional items - shared insights limitedCorporate promotional items Diary - shared insights limitedCorporate Promotional items are used as marketing tools for the following reasons:
  1. Exposure of your brand: You are actually creating awareness for your brand whenever you distribute gifts with your business name, logo and contact information.  The near-permanency of promotional items exposes brand or corporate information with greater detail as the frequency of eye ball contact is almost immeasurable.
  2. Brand Recognition: Your promotional items help clients remember and identify with your company and its products or services especially when they are confronted with a problem that can be solved by a player in that category.
  3. Increases customer loyalty: Using promotional items makes customers passionate about your brand or company over your competitors, especially If it is an item that can be used frequently either in an office environment or at home.
  4. Saves cost: Corporate promotional items are cost-effective methods of advertising, the cost per an item is minimal compared to other forms of advertising.
  5. Increase sales: Corporate promotional items are great instigators in generating sales because audiences who receive corporate gifts are more likely to make a purchase of products and services from brand with which they have forged a level of association and trust over a period of time.
  6. Generate leads and referrals: Your clients are very useful in generating new leads. You use promotional items to get referrals from the existing clients.
  7. They work like a Business Card: Promotional items serve the same purpose as business cards.Corporate promotional items towel - shared insights limited

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