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BRAND IDENTITY | Looking good is good Business

When an organization sets up shop, it will typically have an idea of how it wants to come across to clients. It has a vision, mission, and a set of values that it believes should guide its everyday actions in the delivery of services.  These personalised view of who it is and the quality of its products and services represents its identity – that is, an expression of who and what it thinks it stands for.

However, this organization exists to serve the market. The perception of the market – that is, the beneficiary of its services, may be different from the identity that is being projected by the organization. If there is a difference between the “brand” identity of a company and its perception by the consuming public, then we have a situation of a “brand gap”.

It is the responsibility of everyone who is involved in providing a service or representing a company to be concerned about the reinforcement of what it wants to be known for, in such a way that it meets how the brand is perceived by the market.

Your brand identity is how your business presents itself to — and wants to be perceived by — your consumers. It is the message your consumers and prospects receive from your product, your people, and various other touch points. Ultimately, your brand identity will connect with product recognition.

William Shakespeare once said “We know what we are, but not what we may be.”

So you need to be clear as to who you are, what you do and how you want to make people feel. Most of all, you must be clear about what problem you solve. This is a sure way to be meaningful to your audience. Just as an individual embodies a unique identity, so every organization/business has an identity – whether it is conscious of it or not. This identity is referred to as brand identity or a corporate identity.

Looking good is good business. Your brand is your business identity – the image you wish to portray to the world, which is one of your most valuable assets. Looking exactly the way you want to be identified helps the audience differentiate you from your competitors and can positively influence their purchasing decisions, which will directly impact on your sales.

Elements to enable you have a strong, consistent and attractive brand identity include memorable logo, attractive color palette, professional typography, and on-brand supporting graphics. To strengthen your identity, you will need to have a clear brand purpose and positioning, delivered through a thorough market research.

Anytime your prospects see the consistency in the way you look and what you promise to deliver they are willing to associate with you. This positive perception builds your brand equity, delivers credibility and strengthens their loyalty. Your company can achieve increased sales volume with the support of professional marketing and design agency that will differentiate your products and services using affordable public and media relation tactics to help build your reputation and make you stand out.


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